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Connected (2017)

Ensemble Drama

A fast paced ensemble drama which explores the concepts of relationship breakdowns through the misuse of phone screen technology

Director: Barnaby Downes 

Writer: Barnaby Downes 

Producer: Coralie Cornell

Cinematographer: Dewa Bagus Made Surya Raharja 

Production Designer: Barnaby Downes

Editor: Dong Kyun Nam 


2017 Official Selection 

NIFF Open Short Film Competition

Noosa International Film Festival

2017 JMC Martini Awards - Sydney

Winner People Choice Award

Winner Best Cinematography

Nominated Best Graduate Project

Nominated Best Screenplay

Nominated Best Directing

Nominated Best Editing

Nominated Best Production Design

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Music - "Denim" Nelipot

Mountain Sounds Festival 2017

Music Festival Experience

Camera Operator / Editor

JMC Academy 

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AIDA (2015)

Magical Realism

Aida is a short film inviting an audience to step into a young woman's life and experience her very personal story. 

A visual narrative of magical realism told without spoken word, our protagonist Aida is exploring her fear of the unknown as she is faced with love and loss; life and death. To manage this confrontation, Aida is able to externally voice her internal emotional journey through her creativity and positive approach to the world around her. 

Director: Katie Ring 

Writer: Katie Ring 

Producer: Matthew Wideman

Cinematographer: Barnaby Downes 

Production Design: Sandra May

Editor: Sandra May

Sound Designer: Shreya Vyas


2016 JMC Martini Awards - Sydney

Winner People's Choice Award

Nominated Best Short Film

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Ant Banter (2016)


Comedic Rode Microphone Advertisement 

Rode microphones, picks up the smallest of sound. 

JMC Academy Assessment

Distinction Result

Director: Barnaby Downes 

Writer: Barnaby Downes 

Producer: Katie Ring

Cinematographer: Brittany Scott 

Production Design: Barnaby Downes

Editor: Sandra May

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Music: "Stars" - Roses Gabor

How Do You Like Your Coffee?



Motion Graphics Editor

JMC Academy Post Production Motion Graphic Assessment

High Distinction Result  

Anchor 6

Becky: Karene George

Meet Becky

Experimental Comedy 


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